All aspects of the naval architectural discipline are covered. All works are executed according to the contemporary rules from class and from statutory requirements.
We are known for our very wide experience in stability issues for all types of vessels, but we can do more :

- hydrostatics and stability
- damage stability
- probabilistic damage stability
- container stability
- grain stability
- stability of hopper dredgers, including spilling and intake of water
- hydrodynamics, resistance- and powerprediction
- weight estimation and calculation

- general arrangement
- linesplan
- construction drawings for class and for production
- workshop drawings

- 3D rendering
- film and photography

- owner representative
- documentation
- setting up a vessel specification
- on-board inspection and measurements
- inclining test
- exact hull measurement using laser : this technic is very usefull for vessels, for which no drawings are available, or were never made. We have used this technic several times very succesfull, because the accuracy is very high and the costs are very moderate

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